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77 Heroes icons

All are of Gabriel Gray/Sylar from episodes 1x10 - Six Months Ago and 1x21 - The Hard Part.
Spoilery for both - especially the end of The Hard Part!

But first, a bit of pimping! All you lovely iconmakers should check out damngoodicons and heroesiconathon. I just signed up for heroesiconathon and don't even know if I've been accepted yet - it seems like a fun concept. :D

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- If you have any constructive criticism of my icons, please share! I really would like to know if they're over or under sharpened or whatever.
- Any textless icons can be used as bases if you so wish.
- Comments are
- Credit is
. :D


Im taking a lot of them, will credit when used. however I DO have one question what coloring /what program? how DID YOU DO THE COLORING?!

my icons never come out that great! i mean with all the tuts i've used still, i must be doing something wrong. i use psp8. and jasc animation shop 3.

any recommendations?
I use PSCS2.

Most of the colorings come from trial and error. I use mostly color balance and color layers, with a smattering of selective color. Which icon were you wanting to know about the most? It might be one that doesn't use selective coloring (PSP doesn't have that, right?) and I could give you a quick rundown of what I did, if I remember. I really should save my .psd files more often.
29 31 74, I dont think so but then again i wouldn't know since im not that great at making icons i mean i know the basics, i coudl make like mini movie icons but when it comes to actually working with colors im not that great at it, i could basically sharpen it, "screen" it and.. thats basically it LOL
All 3 of those used selective coloring layers, so can't help you there.

I made this one without selective color - it's not the exact same, but it's still a nice coloring (to me anyway).

My layers for this one (from bottom to top):
Color layer - yellow (#efeb7e) set to soft light 100% opacity
Color layer - dark dusty blue (#19192f) set to exclusion 100% op.
Copy of base set to screen
Hue/saturation layer - saturation +60
Brightness/Contrast layer - +10/+15
Color Balance layer - Midtones: +22, -15, +22 - Shadows: +50, -20, +25 - Highlights: -6, -5, 0

You should be able to do all that with PSP, yeah?

Hope it helps!
Not taking any, but I gotta say this: Sylar love!

*stares at 47 and 48*

Awesome icons! Love the coloring. Snagging a lot of them. Will definitely credit. #37 is just so freaking awesome love it!
Yay for Sylar! These are great, I'm snagging a couple with credit!
OH MY GOD, it's a bevy of him with those glasses on..I'M IN HEAVEN!!!

Thank you for making these, I'm snagging more than a few and I'm crediting in the keywords, absolutely!!!

And with the snow, I not only loved that scene, I wanted one with it..LOVE THEM!!
Mmm Sylar.

You win, Brain-twin.
I think your icon post just impregnated me. O_________O
Took numbers 31 and 36.
Dude, I snagged every single one. LITERALLY. THANK YOU.
Ooh, I LOVE number 40. Well, I love all of them, but 40 is especially amazing.
So much pretty!!! I'm snagging many and will credit. Thanks for sharing them! :D
sooooooooo much Gabriel goodness *licks*
I took 69 and 76, but all of them are gorgeous. I'm kind of scared - I just realized that the glasses I'm waiting to get back from the optometrists are eerily similar to Sylar's. Eeeep!
I don't really know how many of these I'm snagging, but be assured, it's alot. :D :D :D ♥
I can't believe I haven't commented here yet even though I pimped this post :D :D :D Soooo many pretties! seriously! guh!
I took a few. they are to pretti ♥
So much pretty! I'm taking #32! :D
awesome Icons! Love the colouring.. snagging #29..will credit..Thanks!
These are beautiful! (And huzzah for nerd!Gabriel! :D) *snags a whole bunch for a character journal*
So pretty! Snagging a few, thank you! :)
Great icons, really nice quality! I've taken 20 and will credit. Thanks!